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Why Samsung smart phones are becoming so popular in Pakistan?

There was a time when we use to see Nokia Mobile dominate Pakistani mobile phone market. And after that charm broke people start buying apple for smart phones and Nokia for other platforms. But no one ever imagined that out of nowhere a brand that is known for making TVs and LCD will come and capture a biggest chunk of total market share. And that company is none other than Samsung. In recent times we have seen Samsung Mobile along with its TV industry beating so many mobile phone giants like, Nokia, Sony Ericson and biggest among all Apple. Though apple has not launched their operations in Pakistan officially but it was one of most selling Non-official mobile phone being sold in Pakistan on record. But the trend of using apple and other smart phones is seems to like diminishing after the arrival of Samsung smart phones. That is why in this article I will be discussing some of those many tricks that Samsung have pulled in order to become a mobile phone leader in Pakistan and many other countries.

Scintillating Design

The first reason is its scintillating designs. Samsung came up with amazing mobile phone designs unlike coming up with very orthodox and usual ones. It seems that when they were launching their smart phones they knew it already that they have to beat iphone Smartphone in design and make. They are elegant smart phones with very convenient size and weight and come in different color ranges unlikely iphone who comes in only black and white.




Android and large displays

Another reason of Samsung’s success is their acquisition of android platform and large display’s. Android is considered as one of the most user friendly and amazing platform when it comes to mobile technology. Since Google owns it that is why no one can doubt its functionality and its interface. Samsung intensively depends upon large and bright displays. Colors range in some latest models of Samsung smart phones is much higher than apple’s smart phones. Another trick that Samsung have pulled is introducing tablet PCs along with their smart phones, by keeping Apple’s Ipad in mind.

Price orientation

Samsung smart phones are incredibly price oriented. It is the first ever company who launched such amazing smart phones at very affordable prices. The concept of everyone should have a Smartphone by Samsung is highly appreciated by users in Pakistan. Today a Samsung Smartphone which includes android platform, touch screen, a high profile camera, WI-FI and other features is available in as low as 13k Rs. Appx. Whereas Iphone Smartphone their Smartphone range starts from 35k Rs. This apparently is not affordable for everyone.

Subtle Branding

Another very prominent reason of Samsung smart phones success in Pakistan is its proper branding. Unlike another brand like Nokia, Sony Ericson Samsung has branded their smart phones quite extensively. They have launched so many contest and other events where they have distributed free smart phones in past. And still they are doing proper branding almost on every channel. Another thing that adds up in Samsung’s success is that people trust this brand because of their exceptional television range. And that trust has paid them back intensively in this product too.
May be it will take Samsung a little more time to become Smartphone market leader internationally, but facts tells that Samsung mobiles is already a Smartphone leader in Pakistan.

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Trend of using gadgets in Pakistan

I remember the time when newspaper, an old radio, a landline telephone set, and a gigantic TV set which were just able to broadcast national television programs, were the only tools of entertainment available in every household of Pakistan. People use to watch national channels for every purpose like news, entertainment etc. The only channels of communication were landline telephones and post. Radio was the only thing which can play music. And we all were quite happy back then too. But as we all know that time never remain the same. It keeps on changing. But if we talk particularly about gadgets, then time has changed in Pakistan in quite a revolutionary way. Almost every latest gadget and technology is now available in Pakistan. In this article I will talk about the changing trends of using technology in Pakistan and most particularly I will talk about gadgets.

The father of all gadgets

Let’s start with the first gadget, which I would say has proved to be a father of all gadgets. It is none other than Mobile phone. After the technology boom in Pakistan, this gadget has gained the immense popularity. Almost 80% people living in Pakistan’s urban cities are using a mobile phone. Mobile phone has been dedicated as a technology of the decade internationally, and it should be in Pakistan as well. Today, it is the toughest job to identify a single adult or even a teen ager who does not possess a mobile phone. The great contributors in Pakistan’s great mobile revolution are Nokia Mobile, Samsung Mobiles, Sony Ericson, and other companies. The latest mobile phone technology is Smartphone technology. And Pakistan is the most potent market when it comes to smart phones. And this can be witnessed by looking the number of unofficial iphone Smartphone sales all around the Pakistan. It is one of the best selling phones in the history of Pakistan.

Television the most commonly used gadget

Then comes the turn of another famous gadget in Pakistan. Television, which once used to be a big sized machine. But it is now in the smartest shape ever. Statistics tells that more than 70% household in Pakistan are having a television set at their household. This gadget has faced so many revolutions, from simple TV to Plasma, from plasma to LCD, and now from LCD to LED. It is getting slimmer with every passing day. People in Pakistan who do not afford a new LCD and TV buy used LCD or a Used TV, but they do have this technology no matter what and how. Another worth mentioning thing here is that trend in changing technology of a television is also increasing quite rapidly. People who once used to have a television are now having a LCD of minimum a plasma TV.

The others

Then comes other gadgets like gaming devices, Cameras and music players. After the launch of gaming device from big players like Sony and Microsoft the trend of buying gaming device has clearly gone up. Youngsters are buying both portable devices along with classic devices. Music players are another best selling gadget in Pakistan. So many companies like Audionic came into the small, and big sized music players industry, but they haven’t got the desired success because of the officially launched IPOD in Pakistan. Another most widely spread trend is of cameras. After the official launch of Sony, Nikon and canon in Pakistan, this trend seems to be increasing day by day because almost everyone nowadays posses a handheld camera.

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Buy Best deals, buy Online

Do not snub your desires:

We are living in an expensive era. We cannot buy anything that we desire. No matter it’s a mobile phone or a vehicle, so many times it happens that we like something but due to its high price and our low budget we prefer not to buy it. But is it fair to snub down our desires? No it certainly isn’t. And due to scam selling and worse condition of different products we normally fear to buy it from open markets. But you have to say thank you to the internet, because now we have so many online portals from where you can buy your desired products and not necessarily new. There are so many internet portals where sellers from around the country post their ads of different products and you can buy from them, without involving any third party into the deal. And with no commission involved. This is amazing right?

New way of buying:

n recent times there are so many new websites are coming into existence where people post their free ads. And buyers like us who want something can go there and search for their desired product and buy it. The most amazing thing on these websites is the number of choices you have. If you want a product of a certain type, you will find a lot of people selling the same product. Plus every seller must put the pictures of the product so it is easy for you to choose among different options by seeing that which product is having the best condition. E.G. you want to buy a gaming device or some home appliances you will have several options for each category.

Don’t burn your calories on buying things:

By buying online every buyer can save a lot of time and headache. Because it is never too easy to visit the open markets and then visit every single shop to buy a product. And then you are not completely sure that whether the product is in good condition or not. And mostly in open markets you will face a lot of professional salesmen who can easily put their magic spell on you with their great experience in this field and will make you buy the bad products. But when you buy from these web portals you will find out that on the other hand there is a user just like you. Who want to sell its product and will cast no scam with you. And mostly these sort of exchanges turn out to be so friendly exchanges.

No third party:

Since these web portals does not involve any kind of middle man involved or any extra commission that is why most of the time you get a lot of good deals here. Plus all these ads posted on these websites are somewhat personally negotiable with the sellers. So you can always bargain for a certain price.

These web portals are getting immense response and today so many sellers all around the country are selling their products online. Because It provides two things straight forwardly one is convenience and the other one crystal clear transactions. If in past you wanted to buy something but you just didn’t it’s time for you to check out one of these websites. Because so many people
buy and sell used or new gaming devices , home appliances, mobile phones, computers and what not on these websites, you never know you might get yourself a best deal.


We all love Gadgets

We are living in 21st century. A century of technology and rapidity. Whatever we want to do, some kind of apparatus is always there to accompany us. We are surrounded by machines and gadgets. And the best part is we enjoy living in this era. Whatever we do, we don’t feel thrilled until of unless there is some machine or gadget involved in it. We all daily watch TV, we daily use computer, we daily use ovens, etc. So the crux of the story is that we are bundled with machines all around. That shows our unconditional love towards machines. But as I have said that this is 21st century the more we love gadgets the more they are available in market. And sometimes it gets impossible for us to choose between different types gadgets that how to buy them. Here are few tips by using which you can buy the best gadget.

Look inside your pocket:

First thing first, what is the first thing that you consider while buying anything? Yes, that’s price. Because it is directly linked with your budget. You first think that how much you should spend on whatever you are planning to buy. For example you want to buy a
home appliances , and more specifically you want to buy a television. The first thing you should know about is that which brand is coming in your budget bracket. And then you should consider that what that brand is offering. If you are satisfied with the number of offerings. Then it’s the best case scenario. But if it does not then you should see the offering of that brand which comes slightly above your price bracket. And if that’s suits you, you must increase your budget bracket a little. Because it is giving you the value for money. And another tip in this regard is that try to search products online because sometimes you can find best deals on the websites where people buy & sell new and used home appliances , gaming devices, Mobile phone accessories etc.

What people are saying about it?

The other thing while buying a gadget you should consider is the product review. If you have selected a brand or a product out of so many brands you must know that how much people rate it. There is a huge community on internet which works entirely on writing reviews of different gadgets. And the buyer can easily have a very good idea about the product’s features and how those features work by reading the reviews. E.g. if you want to buy a gaming device and you have decided to buy a certain brand you must know that what people are saying about this certain brand. There is another benefit of reading reviews, buyer get to know about the product’s detailed functionality.

Does it have warranty?

The other thing that every buyer should keep in mind is that your gadget must have warranty. Warranty is considered very essential when we talk about gadgets. Sometimes what happened is that we buy a product but after a while it loses its certain functionality. And repairing it locally can snatch its quality and resale value. But if your product is with warranty your product would be repaired by the professional and authorized Lab of the respective company. And your product would not lose its quality, functionality, or resale value. No matter you are buying a new product or a used product always prefers products that have certain warranty to provide you safety.

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What makes Nokia Mobiles Asha Range so popular?

I do not think that there is anyone in Pakistan who has never used Nokia mobile phone. We all have used Nokia mobiles or are using them even now.

Have you ever wondered why Nokia mobiles are so successful in Pakistan as compared to other mobile brands such as Sony Ericsson Phone, HTC, or BlackBerry handset? Well, the reason behind this is affordability as well as availability. Nokia mobiles are widely available in Pakistan – in urban as well as rural areas. However, high end mobile devices like HTC mobile, Blackberry handset and iPhone smartphones are mostly available in big cities.

Which mobile do people use in Villages and rural areas?

Mobile phone is no more a luxury, as it once used to be. People living in villages, rural areas and small cities also use mobile phones, albeit only a few rich landlords can afford expensive mobile phones.
Low income and middle class people prefer on buying used mobile phones of their favourite brands, or they buy new Chinese mobile or Nokia mobile. Nokia is considered as a durable mobile phone set. No matter how many times it fell down from your hand, it will still be working.

Nokia Asha mobile phones

Who says that smartphones are only meant for rich and elite? Now everyone can afford buying smart phone – thanks to Nokia Asha series. In October 2011, Nokia introduced Asha series – its middle-range smart phone devices. These mobile phones are not only eye-catching but provide all popular and widely used connectivity options to mobile users. From social networking to surfing the internet – Nokia Asha has made it all easy.
On 6th June 2012, Nokia released three S40 OS smart phones to the Asha range – Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306, and 311, in Pakistan. All these mobile devices come with full-touch screen. They look awesome and worth showing off.
Gone are the days when iPhone smart phone was considered to be the only full-touch mobile phone. Now Nokia Asha latest mobile phone sets has given every one the opportunity to flaunt their handset. Nokia Asha 305, 306 and Asha 311 – which were rolled out last year, gained billions of customers worldwide. These are quite identical mobile phones, except for Asha 311 which is a single-SIM mobile.

Why Nokia mobile is better than Chinese mobile sets?

A few years back Chinese mobile phones were getting immensely popular due to their numerous functionalities and low price. People in Karachi and other cities were mostly buying Chinese mobile phones because they are inexpensive as compared to popular brands like Motorola, BlackBerry handsets, Samsung mobiles and LG mobile due to the high rate of mobile snatching incidents.

Apart from this, Chinese mobiles offer Dual SIM and multi SIM support which made them very popular all over the country. People buy SIMs of different cellular network companies to avail their attractive offers. But not anymore, Nokia introduced its first Dual SIM mobile phones back in 2010 – via Nokia C1 and C2. Now Nokia mobile dual SIM range has extended to Smartphone and touch screen dual SIM mobiles, most popular among them was C2-03. As Nokia is a trusted brand – people have started preferring to buy Nokia dual SIM mobiles on Chinese mobiles.

Last year, many Chinese mobile brands were banned in Pakistan due to security risks. Chinese mobiles had same IMEI number which made it difficult to trace the user. Terrorists were using Chinese mobiles to carry out their heinous crimes in the country, especially in Karachi. This has made Nokia mobile phones even more popular in Pakistan.

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What Everybody Ought to Know about Sony Ericsson phone?

Do you own a Sony Ericsson mobile phone? If your answer is yes, then you are among the lucky people who have the mobile phone that the future generation might not have. Yes, it true now there would not be any ‘Sony-Ericsson phone’.

Sony Ericsson becomes Sony Mobile Communications:

My friend told me that she is going to buy latest Sony Ericsson phone after selling her used mobile phone. To my sheer astonishment, she told me that she do not know the name of the latest mobile but will ask the shop keeper to give her the newly released Sony Ericsson phone. I told her that the one she has is already the last Sony Ericsson phone and she would not get any mobile phone with Sony Ericsson brand name.
Yes, Sony Ericsson is now ‘Sony Mobile Communications’ and now all mobile phones will have Sony brand name instead of Sony Ericsson.

How did it all begin?

Ericsson is one of the largest telecommunication companies of Sweden. The Sony Ericsson – a joint venture of Ericsson and Japanese giant Sony, was founded on October 1, 2001. The company had a dominant position in the mobile phone market for decades and became word’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer. Until, it had to face losses due its inability to produce low priced mobile phones such as Nokia mobiles and the rapidly growing Chinese mobiles. The dominance of iPhone Smartphone, BlackBerry handset, HTC phones and Samsung mobiles in the Smartphone market also had a negative effect on Sony Ericsson phones. Consequently, Ericsson offered to sell its 50% share to Sony. Sony acquired Ericsson’s share in the Sony Ericsson phone venture on February 16, 2012.

Best Selling Sony Ericsson phones:

In the year 2002, Sony Ericsson’s first colored screen mobile phone Sony Ericsson T68i took the mobile phone market by storm. Sony Ericsson gained its popularity among the multi0media users. The company released mobile phones with high quality digital cameras. It also introduced the ‘Walkman series’ that caters the needs of music aficionados. In 2007 Sony Ericsson released its first 5-Megapixel camera phone namely Sony Ericsson K850i and then in 2008 it amazed the mobile industry with the world’s first eight mega pixel camera phone – the Sony Ericsson C905.
After the fame of iPhone and Nokia feature phones, the company released Xperia Play – first PlayStation certified Smartphone to gain a strong position in the market but it was too costly.
After Sony’s acquisition of Ericsson’s stakes, Sony Xperia S became the first Smartphone under Sony’s brand name Sony Mobile Communications and was released early this month.

How can you buy a mobile with Sony Ericsson logo on it?

Do you want to buy a genuine mobile phone set with Sony Ericsson logo on it? If yes then go to your nearest mobile store and grab your favourite Used Sony Ericsson mobile phone. The used mobiles are not only cheaper in price but also offer what you might not get in the upcoming high priced smartphones.
So why waste money in buying a latest model of Sony Mobile when you can get all that you need in a high quality Used Mobile phone with Sony Ericsson logo?

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Will QMobile beat Nokia mobiles and Samsung mobiles in Pakistan?

Whenever we visit mobile stores we find huge posters and advertisements of QMobile phones hanging on the walls and doors. There are only a few big mobile shops that sell high-end smartphones like HTC, iPhone smartphones and BlackBerry handsets. Majority of them deal in Nokia mobiles, Samsung mobiles, Chinese mobiles and QMobiles. Trend and Club mobiles were also popular among the people but now QMobiles has taken their place. QMobiles is not only competing successfully against Chinese handsets but also Samsung mobile and Nokia mobiles.

Trendy and Stylish:

QMobiles has offering Pakistanis a large variety of stylish and trendy mobile phones in the country. In 2010, QMobiles gained tremendous success and fame for its eye-catchy mobiles like QMobile Q55 She phone – an exclusive mobile set targeted at ladies. This slider mobile phone sports a compact design with QWERTY keypad and comes embellished with Swarovski zircon on it.

Variety of Features:

Q Mobile’s many products are taking the market by storm because of their amazing features, like touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, camera, pre-loaded mobile applications for social networking enthusiasts, music and video players and much more that we usually find in expensive mobile brands such as Samsung Mobiles, Nokia mobiles and smartphones.

Latest QMobiles handsets:

QMobiles’ latest mobile phones include QMobile E950, E900, etc. The QMobile E900 Soap comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. It features 2.8 TFT Full Touch Screen and supports dual Sim with dual standby. This mobile is equipped with 2.0 mp camera and FM radio with recording feature. It is pre-loaded with several mobile applications such Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Opera and Google internet browsers. This phone supports Mp3/Mp4 HD quality audio, EDGE/GPRS, Bluetooth and 3.5 mm Audio Jack connectivity. QMobile E950 comes along with a free 4 GB Memory Card at an affordable price of Rs. 6400. All QMobile handsets come with one year Digicom Warranty.

QMobile Android Smartphones:

Earlier this year, Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar – CEO QMobiles announced that the company will soon reveal a line-up of Android OS smartphones in the market to cater the demands of the customers who want affordable yet advanced and good quality smartphones, especially when 3G technology is also around the corner.


We live in a country where inflation is skyrocketing and unemployment is also spreading like fire. Everyone can not afford buying expensive mobile phones. For the society like ours QMobiles has brought a nice alternative for the youth who demand mobile phones with plenty of features, as QMobiles are not only attractive, stylish, and loaded with numerous features but they are also low at price as compared to mobile phones of other brands that offer similar features. Instead of spending so much money on a Nokia mobile or Samsung mobile, you can get the similar functions on QMobile at a reasonable price that you can easily afford. The quality and affordability of QMobiles is the main reason behind the tremendous successful QMobiles in the country. The company is has a large array of affordable touch screen, QWERTY and Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones in the market. For instance, QMobile E786 Storm is a dual SIM mobile phone which is available for just Rs.1950 and includes features such as: camera, wireless radio, mp 3 player, torch, and mini USB port. This low priced mobile comes with a travel charger, Stereo MP3 Earphone and a data cable. No doubt all these features are unmatchable to low priced Dual SIM Nokia Mobiles that cost more than it offers. We cannot enjoy listening to FM radio without plugging in the earphones. So what are you waiting for go to your nearest mobile store are get your hands on your favourite QMobiles phones that suits your wallet and style! I am sure you are going to be in love with what QMobiles offers its customers.


Are you planning to buy a mobile phone?

Mobile phones have become a necessary in this modern age; it has made communication easy and added convenience in our lives. Every day a new mobile phone is released with different features and specifications that it has become difficult for us to decide which one we should buy.

What to consider when buying a Mobile phone:
There are many things to consider when going purchasing a mobile phone. First of your entire requirement. If you want to enjoy music, games and other multimedia while on the go then you can buy Sony Ericsson phone as it has support for almost all kind of media files. If you want a mobile phone for only making and receiving calls then you can purchase any mobile that suits your budget. You can also choose from vast array of Chinese mobiles. If you are interested in a particular brand or model of mobile phone but do not want to buy an expensive one then buying used mobile phones are best option for you.

Advantage of Used Mobile Phones:
Since the mobile phone market is flooded with variety of latest mobile phones from different companies, every month we hear about the launch of a new model. If you buy a used mobile phone, you can easily replace your handset after using it for some time with another model, without worrying about budget restraints. Buying used mobile phones helps the environment as it prevents unnecessary disposal of used mobile phones in the landfills.

Why Chinese Mobiles are gaining popularity?
Chinese mobiles are gaining tremendous popularity all over the world, especially in Pakistan, because they are low priced and come with dual or multi-SIM feature. Chinese mobiles such as Trend, G Five mobiles, Lenovo, Haier, Huawei, etc offer many functions in affordable price. You can buy a low priced Chinese mobile with a touchscreen, latest specifications and pre-installed applications rather than spending huge sum of money on buying an expensive mobile such as a Sony Ericsson phone or iPhone that would not offer dual SIM functionality. You can always get your desired functionalities and specifications in a Chinese mobile at a budget-friendly price. Some Chinese mobile phone come with Android OS and Wi-fi which makes it easy for you to connect to the internet and download your favorite applications, games and music on your mobile phones. If you are not among the brand conscious people, who like to show off, then Chinese mobiles are made for you!

How about buying used iPhone?
iPhone is popular among youth, application users and the style conscious people. If you are one of these then iPhone is a device for you! iPhone is loved for its touchscreen, apps and other functions that make it different from other handsets. People use iPhone as mobile internet tool, a music player, a game device, and a productivity tool. But it’s not affordable for everyone. If you want to buy iPhone but do not afford it, then do not worry you can buy used iPhone as its low at cost and has many advantages, such as:
• Affordability: Used iPhone is affordable and low priced as compared to the brand new latest model of iPhone handset. You can buy Used iPhone 4 instead of buying a brand new iPhone 4S.
• Apps: Games, applications, songs and videos are already installed in Used iPhone, thus saving the effort of going through the whole process, as mostly, people do not remove muli-media files and apps when they are selling their used iPhone.
• Easily Switching: You can easily switch your used iPhone with another mobile phone of your choice rather than waiting for the time when you have enough money to change your handset.

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To what extent mobiles are important for us?

Mobile phones are long distance, conveyable and wireless electronic device used for communication. Just before a few years, mobile phones were out of the reach of common people. Mobile phones are now low in cost, easy to operate, and comfortable and equipped with almost every latest feature we desire. Mobiles have become so important that now it’s the first choice gadget of everyone. This mobile device is liked by people of all ages and genders. Every day new mobiles arrive in the market replacing the old mobiles to satisfy the users. Most of the users tend to buy used mobiles or second-hand mobiles because of their low prices. These users are fond of searching used mobiles which are being neglected by the buyers of new mobiles.

Types of Mobile Phones:
The mobile companies introduce new mobiles time to time in the market powered with latest technology and inventions. Some of the famous mobile phone brands are; Nokia mobiles, Samsung mobiles, iPhone by Apple Inc., Sony Ericsson phone, Blackberry handsets, Q-mobiles and China mobiles. These mobiles are available in the market and customers choose mobile phone according to they own set standards. The mobile phone companies are always looking for to launch more captivating and attracting mobile models than any other company. Some of the mobiles are very expensive and it is very hard for a lay man to buy it. For examples some high-tech Nokia mobiles, iPhone and Blackberry models are out of the reach of a common man. Whereas China mobiles (Chinese mobiles) has produced replicas of the above mentioned high-tech mobile devices at cheaper rates. China mobiles and Q-mobiles are relatively inexpensive to smart-phones.

But what are the reasons of the downfall in the mobile prices?

These are some reason for the cutback in the prices of mobile phones. Mainly it’s the mobile phone companies that launch new mobile phones very rapidly. Their excessive supply has increased the demand amongst people and lowered its cost. The companies are always in struggle to provide maximum features in a single handset to its customers thus introduce models one after another. Secondly, most of the status conscious people want to buy the latest new mobile soon after its arrival. They often replace their used mobile to buy a new mobile. The used mobiles are sold at a very low price because it loses its demand because of the arrival of the new mobile in the market. There is vast industry established for the purchase of used mobiles. Various mobile shops and online portals allows visitor to sell and buy used mobiles. One can find expensive mobiles at cheaper rates in used mobiles. The web pages or the show case of a shop are often filled with the used mobiles, used iPhones, used Samsung mobiles and a lot of other local and international brands. At the end, the local and china-made mobiles, has also lowered the prices of mobile phones.

How to choose between a used mobile and a new one?

These are two to three parameters to consider the purchase of a mobile phone. New mobiles are expensive but it gives you the privilege of first hand use and it come with a service warranty and when you want to resale your new mobile soon after the purchase, its market value becomes very low. Whereas used mobiles are low in prices but are not guaranteed to be good in condition. Furthermore, a used mobile can be sold again with a minimum loss in its buying value.

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