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Facebook secretly working to integrate Hashtags

on July 10, 2013

qMore than one year has been spent that Facebook officials are working on this project, intended to display news content. However, Fcebook is not making something very different as it has already been experience on Flipboard Inc., we can say it old version, but waiting for new version as Facebook Reader.

Fcaebook officials are hiding this news:

Well, it is not clear when Facebook will introduce this project publically. The reader project has only one aim to grab the attention of the users and to attract more ads. For Facebook it’s a challenge to maintain its one billion users online from Smartphone. However Facebook officials are denying from this news, it seems that company is keener to work on its future endeavors rather than advertising them. Such technology focus goals are crucial for Facebook as it always interested to increase its market share. It seems that Facebook is passing from its innovation phase. All is done to redefine its uniqueness being a social giant.

Is Facebook trying to capture user’s interst:

htc-touch-diamond-01People are getting more and more habitual of Facebook, people access Facebook from its Smartphone, table like iPhone smartphone. As they are updating each and every moment of their life, thus, enhancing the usability of this social network. The social media platform is too much popular among the masses that it is used by the consumer to follow their interest by sharing, photos and posts of family and loved ones. Facebook is striving hard to become a real user interest so that they can have real time experience of news. That’s why Facebook introduced Hashtag feature so that the display of content could be imminent from new publishers. And people can easily find out the conversation based on some words that can be highlighted by using the sign “#” At an event Zuckerberg said he wished Facebook to be “the best personalized newspaper in the world.”

Its more than a project it’s a great opportunity:

The idea of Flipboard is truly amazing that people loved to have it, and it is only though online influence that people come to know about the famous contents. Apps like Flipboard collect the news from publishers and sometimes from online connections which causes its popularity. On the other hand LinkedIn is also determined to become the “definitive professional publishing platform”

However it is a common observation that people are spending more time on using their Samsung mobilethat the user on Facebook glides quickly the posts before moving to another thing. Well, Facebook has strong competitor in this market, both Twitter and LinkedIn is doing aggressive content marketing and the Fliboard is a constant threat with a 50 million users. Well if it proves successful then it would be a great opportunity especially from advertising perspective.


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