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Samsung Galaxy S4 completes the target of 10 million sales this week

I just remain startled when I go through the news that Samsung has completed 10 million sales in this week. This news really makes me surprised, moreover what is more shocking is that, Samsung mobile has acclaimed that Galaxy S4 is its bestseller and people are more in love with this loveable device. No doubt that the commercial launch of galaxy S4 is a big hit and just shake the pillars of mobile market with its ballistic presence. The Samsung followers just love the specs and feature and the stylish design Samsung has adopted to attract the customers. Well, it’s quite worth mentioning that Samsung has made it classier.

samsung gIf we compared the sales of Samsung Galaxy s3 with Galaxy S4, here is a great shift in the sales of Galaxy S4 that has achieved the sales target within thirty days while the same target is achieved by Galaxy S3 was in 50 days. So this is just because of the popularity level of Samsung galaxy S4 that has made its followers crazy about it. The brand that has given so many hits recently has build a great chain of fan following. Certainly all credit goes to brand recognition that made Samsung galaxy s4 a big success. Here are so many websites from where you can get the Samsung handsets of your choice whether it is new brand Samsung handset or used Samsung mobiles. But if you fall in love with Samsung you will definitely buy the one.

imagesThe lion of Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 has tremendously captured the market that at each second Samsung is selling its four handsets. Samsung has also added that it is also introducing some new colors that will reflect the shine of the summer with the color name “Purple Mirage” and “Brown Autumn. Samsung is taking every move to put forth its Smartphone before the people. The news is not as surprising as Samsung Electronics co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun was expecting this shift that the Sale of Samsung will touch the figure of 10 million this week. The company claimed that these sales are indirect called it global channel sales which is based on the number of shipping of handsets.

apple and galaxyHowever the figures announced by Samsung can be controversial and require enough debate, because shipping of phones does not mean that these Smartphone are purchased by the customers. Its literal meaning is that these handsets should be placed on the store shelves. So these figures are not based on facts to some extent. While Apple’s announcement for its five million sales based on original facts. It is showing the results of direct sales, but Samsung figures are not to be ignored, the market trend reflects that the series of Samsung Galaxy is at the top at the moment. Samsung despite of all the efforts of its competitors like HTC and Nokia is above all.

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Facebook launch Its HOME on Android phones.

Facebook is now in headlines at every news platform. The only reason is Facebook has launched its “Home” on Android as it’s been promised. The social media giants has hit the stage with a big bang that allows all the Android operating mobile phones to enjoy Facebook  home on their mobiles. The step is taken to make Facebook user more updated about their social platform. The Facebook lover can download Facebook HOME from Google play store or it is available on HTC First already. Facebook Home, first time is live on HTC First because it’s a joint venture of two technology hub.

The main objective of this launch is to make people more updated, more connected with their social connection. Now people can be more socially active. The foretelling that Facebook has set its eyes over the launch of “Facebook phone” has totally rejected by Zuckerburg that the company has no such intention to plunge into the toughest completion of smartphone as social network is intended to follow the opposite direction. He said
“Apple, Google, everyone builds phones — we are going in the opposite direction,”

ImageAt first Facebook is not interested in running ads on facebook home,the reason is obvious to make HOME a promising and ideal one for its users. To sacrifice Facebook ads for a period is the strategy of social giants. However it is planned to run the ads on Facbook home later. However this Home is targeting to all Smartphones and tablet computer making Facebook a new and enriched experience, more graphic more visuals in just turning on your mobile. This initiative is the part of Facebook strategy as Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said in September.

“It is really clear from the stats and my own personal intuition that a lot of energy in the ecosystem is going to mobile, not desktop (computers),” “That is the future.”

Analyst views


The predictions is quite true because people are now feeling more ease in using Smartphone rather than accessing PCs  because its portable and PCs are immovable. However in IT market trends changed within seconds. Facebook is only interested to develop a complete integrated system applicable on all devices used by people.

On the other hand Facebook is a social magnet and HTC is utilizing the gravity of this social network to compete Samsung in the Android platform, sound good. It is something that everyone is expecting and in need. Samsung that has dominated the Android market for a couple of years needs a strong competitor and HTC is the right one. So this joint venture is now ready to reap its fruit of success. Enderle remarks in this perspective are significant.Image

“It is not so much a Facebook phone as imagined by Zuckerberg as it is a lifeline for HTC, which needs a champion device and got Facebook to back it,”

Future estimation:

The analyst is right in his analysis that market trend is following Samsung so this social campaign has given a chance to HTC to uplift itself against Samsung and this news is full of excitement for the Smartphone lovers.
The new launches by Facebook are the main reasons that Facebook market share is getting increased than Google. It is estimated that the social giant will increase its share from 9.5 percent revenue to 13.2 percent this year.

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Drones the fastest delivery vehicles

<P>How much it is surprising for you when you ask for delivery of pizza and they say that your drone is in the air! You will feel quite elusive but this illusion is based on facts. This is what we say next is what. You have heard about drones taking away different warheads and use for surveillance. But with the passage of time this terrific war weapon is now coming into access of common people. So no need to be horrified if you watch a drone in the air, it is not for your surveillance no more a sign of destruction. But drone is now replacing your delivery boy…yes it is.</p>

<b>The fastest delivery vehicle:</b>

<p>The news is quite shocking but this is
<a href=””&gt;Imagemobile</a> age. The mobility of your deliverable is now assured on much faster scale.  Thanks to the new drone delivery services with the help of drone you can easily approach to your deliverables. Now the delivery boy has to find out another mean of earning the money. It is reported that the province of Auvergne of France will pilot newspaper delivery services via drone in May. The official delivery service La Posta Group has started beta testing of the automatic delivery service recently of 20 unmanned aerial vehicles.

While FedEx is the staunch supporter of drone delivery service,    FAA has gradually started law-making to allow commercial delivery services driven by drones by fall of 2015. So the time is gradually approaching to say Goodbye to those UPS men who are famous for their short shorts.</p>

<b>Is it exaggeration to ridicule?</b>

<P>Well if someone has totally believe on the news mentioned above. Then it is to inform them that this is an April fool joke. Just think about the fact that drone has the capacity of keeping newspaper in a number. Well, US have banned the use of drones commercially but efforts have been made timely to make the use of drones commercially. However till now it’s not true.</p>

<b>Commercial Mobile drone:</b>

<p>But here our used mobile works for us like drones.  We send messages, emails, and share files, documents in just seconds with our colleagues, friends and family. Real drones are internet devices not the drone that is driven and controlled by internet. Modern technology has given us the facility to control our daily pro responsibilities by sitting anywhere. So what if drones are not at our disposal we have <a href=””&gt;ImageSmartphone</a> drones…isn’t it.</P>

<b>Insecurities against drone.</b>  

<p>The future of fastest delivery is perceived in the form of drones this is not the bad idea. U.S government has some insecurity that is justifiable indeed. Here at U.S people are more inclined toward technology, and the threat of using drones for personal rivalry is inevitable. Violence in society might be increased that’s why U.S Government is not in the favor of using drones publically. I think smart drones are better than these drones discussed above. We have already reaped the fruits of technology by using <a href=””&gt;Imageinternet devices</a>
on these Smartphone. Modern technology have made the impossible, possible, the role of technology for the betterment of society is appreciated by all circles of life. Nobody wants to see its negative impact over the humanity. So it is better to keep drone technology away from the public use.</p>

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