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Pakistan is not a land of smart phones

Pakistan is one of those very few countries who faced Information technology revolution. Today Pakistan’s urban areas are fully equipped with state of the art technology. And every new technology that is being introduced worldwide hits Pakistan as well. Though Pakistan stand out in the race of per capita cell phone usage internationally but when it comes to smart phones Pakistan still lacks the charm. Internationally the boom of smart phones has touched 79% approximately. But Pakistan where approximately 104 million mobile phone connections are active and approximately having the cell phone density up to 65% is still far behind in Smartphone grabs with only 5% density. This low penetration of smart phones across the Pakistan is due to so many factors.

Lack of local carrier’s interest

If we make comparison of Pakistan with any EU country or Britain than there is some enormous price differences between us. Over there all the cell phones are fully adopted by mobile phone carriers and every individual can acquire them on contract basis. An Iphone Smartphone or any of Nokia mobiles cost almost $200 or less, which is approximately 18000 PKR. But here in Pakistan no Smartphone which is 4G and having a latest platform like android, or IOS cost less than 50K. Now that’s a stretch. People do not afford buying brand new smart phones here because they are too expensive, and carriers do not take much interest in this business model as they think that culture in Pakistan does not allow this. Though some companies like Zong, and ufone have taken the first step for this type of cell phone penetration and mobilink also time to time launch different Blackberry models for business class users, but this business model did not had any immense response from public.

No 3G installation

Another big reason for low penetration of smart phones in Pakistan is the lack of 3G networks availability in Pakistan. Most of the smart phones are data centric and give best use with high network data centers. But in Pakistan most of the people haven’t even heard of 3G network and when they grab a cell phone they really don’t know how and why to use it. Though Samsung Mobiles have recently launched a new line of smart phones in Pakistan, and it is also getting subtle response too but in order to increase the numbers it would require more efforts and more time.

Classic culture

Then another factor that is somewhat stopping this smart penetration in Pakistan is lack of interest on touch screens and elegant mobile devices. Well I am talking about majority here, they do not believe on having a cell phone which is not physically very rigid and strong. And the biggest reason of this perception is made by Nokia Mobiles, who were the first market entrants here.
Keeping all these things in mind so many big giants like apple, Vodafone and some other companies have not touched Pakistani market yet and launched here officially. But without any doubt Pakistani market is one of the biggest potential markets for any Smartphone manufacturer. And I am not saying this out of the blue if we look around we would see so many people using iphone, and other smart phones which obviously are unofficial versions but still there is a particular niche market in Pakistan which would love to have more and more smart phone companies coming here.

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How to save yourself from scam while exchanging online?

Caution: Do not get scammed

This happens to all of us, that when we buy new products we like to dispose off or sell out all the used and old products. So that in return we can get some money for them. And for that we start visiting open markets where we can sell our used products. But it is not always possible for every one of us to bring the products along and visit the market for the purpose of selling. And even the nature of some products is not as such that you could take them along with you in open market. That is why now a day’s many of us prefer to sell our used products online with a lot of ease and convenience. And many of us considering the fact the prices of everything are going very high we prefer to buy good deals online. That is why there are so many websites available where we can put our free ad and get so many reviews and offers for our ad and can easily sell to the people who need those items. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Both for sellers and for buyers. The world is full of scams. And before buying of selling new or used items online there are several things you should know about.

Things that a seller should consider

First thing that seller should do is that he should not accept any sort of online deposit or online cash delivery. The cash delivery for the product must be physical or in other cases do not send off the product until of unless you receive the cash. And in no situation accept cheque or any other monetary tool other than cash. Because so many times it happens that people deal with fraudulent cheque and when they bounce in banks you will have no one to claim.
Then while you buy and sell online new or used home appliances, Gaming devices, or anything in that matter the meeting plays a very crucial part. Never meet the buyer in any unorthodox place or a place where you can be unsafe or have the least protection. Preferably such deals should be closed in seller’s residence or someplace where the seller has protection. Because in so many cases it happens that fake buyers snatch the product from seller with inappropriate ways.

Things that a buyer should consider

And if you are a buyer you should be conscious about the products condition. And in any case do not pay for the product until or unless you examine it by yourself. And make sure that you are buying which you have seen online. E.g. if you want to buy a Home appliances, do examine its condition by visiting the seller. And do not give the cash until of unless you are hundred percent satisfied with the product and its condition.
Usually the buyer is suppose to be the one to visit the seller and in most cases with liquid cash in hand. So always make sure that you have enough protection or company with you which can help you out in any type of uncertainty. And in best case scenario keep the plastic money with you not the liquid cash.
The best way to save you from any kind of further uncertainties related to product or anything else is that there should be an agreement signed between both of them. And this should include the complete names and information of both buyer and seller. The complete specification of the product and the condition of the product and the price of the product. And both buyer and seller should have consent on each and every clause of the agreement.

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