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Tired of collecting old stuff? Let’s rescue ourselves from old stuff

Get your junk yard cleared:

We daily buy things and use them. And after a certain use we start thinking of buying new things. And normally waste the old things. And put them in junk yards. But do you really think it is a good idea? No it is not. There is a famous quote which says. ‘Junk of one can be a treasure of another’. So why waste old things when you can sell them to people who need them, and get value for your products? But we normally have concerns that carrying old stuff with us and wandering here and there at markets does not worth it. We prefer to waste many things or gift them instead of selling them just to save ourselves from the tiresome work of selling them in an open market. But thanks to internet and the classified websites. Buying and selling new and used home appliances, gaming devices and what not, is now as easy as eating a piece of cake. In this article I will tell you that how by performing couples of easy steps you can get rid of old stuff and make money.

Select the best free classified website:

First of all go on internet and search for a top rating classified website. And make sure that this website has a lot of daily visitors and high ranking. And by viewing already posted ads there you will have the idea that whether visitors here respond to ads or not. And also make sure that posting ads on this website is free. Until of unless you want any special kind of advertisement of your product. In such matter websites normally charge the seller. But that too should be a nominal price. And for that make comparison among different websites. And also make sure that this whether this website supports the type of product you are willing to sell. Because if you want to sell Home appliances make sure your classified website has the home appliances category.

Picture it well:

Once you have selected a web site to post an ad .Take a picture of your product. You may write thousands of words but a picture can describe a product more efficiently than your words. And while posting the pictures with your ad make sure that you have captured your product from every relevant angel. Because if you want your product to have sudden and quick response picture should be real, recent, and comprehensive.

Good Description half selling:

And after taking a picture of your product add the complete description of your product. And make sure that it includes all the features and attributes that your product has to offer. Do not miss anything. Because detailed description will gather your more response than low description or no description at all. E.g. If you want to sell and old
gaming device make sure that you describe it well according to its current condition and its features.

Categorize it:

And once you have described your product perfectly, select the category very carefully. Because if you will put your ad in a wrong category your potential customers will not be able to locate you while searching for your product. Since you are not in the right category. E.g. If you want to sell an old fridge, or a washing machine. Make sure you have selected Home appliances category.

Be a little flexible:

Be a little flexible when it comes to pricing. Overpricing your product can cause you low response. Plus your product might take a lot of time to sell. And in some cases it won’t get sold at all.
So if you want to buy and sell new or used home appliances, gaming devices, or anything. Follow these steps and get things done in few hours. is one of the best free classified of Pakistan. And deals with all types of gadgets like home appliances, gaming devices, mobile phones, etc.

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