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What makes Nokia Mobiles Asha Range so popular?

on June 22, 2012

I do not think that there is anyone in Pakistan who has never used Nokia mobile phone. We all have used Nokia mobiles or are using them even now.

Have you ever wondered why Nokia mobiles are so successful in Pakistan as compared to other mobile brands such as Sony Ericsson Phone, HTC, or BlackBerry handset? Well, the reason behind this is affordability as well as availability. Nokia mobiles are widely available in Pakistan – in urban as well as rural areas. However, high end mobile devices like HTC mobile, Blackberry handset and iPhone smartphones are mostly available in big cities.

Which mobile do people use in Villages and rural areas?

Mobile phone is no more a luxury, as it once used to be. People living in villages, rural areas and small cities also use mobile phones, albeit only a few rich landlords can afford expensive mobile phones.
Low income and middle class people prefer on buying used mobile phones of their favourite brands, or they buy new Chinese mobile or Nokia mobile. Nokia is considered as a durable mobile phone set. No matter how many times it fell down from your hand, it will still be working.

Nokia Asha mobile phones

Who says that smartphones are only meant for rich and elite? Now everyone can afford buying smart phone – thanks to Nokia Asha series. In October 2011, Nokia introduced Asha series – its middle-range smart phone devices. These mobile phones are not only eye-catching but provide all popular and widely used connectivity options to mobile users. From social networking to surfing the internet – Nokia Asha has made it all easy.
On 6th June 2012, Nokia released three S40 OS smart phones to the Asha range – Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306, and 311, in Pakistan. All these mobile devices come with full-touch screen. They look awesome and worth showing off.
Gone are the days when iPhone smart phone was considered to be the only full-touch mobile phone. Now Nokia Asha latest mobile phone sets has given every one the opportunity to flaunt their handset. Nokia Asha 305, 306 and Asha 311 – which were rolled out last year, gained billions of customers worldwide. These are quite identical mobile phones, except for Asha 311 which is a single-SIM mobile.

Why Nokia mobile is better than Chinese mobile sets?

A few years back Chinese mobile phones were getting immensely popular due to their numerous functionalities and low price. People in Karachi and other cities were mostly buying Chinese mobile phones because they are inexpensive as compared to popular brands like Motorola, BlackBerry handsets, Samsung mobiles and LG mobile due to the high rate of mobile snatching incidents.

Apart from this, Chinese mobiles offer Dual SIM and multi SIM support which made them very popular all over the country. People buy SIMs of different cellular network companies to avail their attractive offers. But not anymore, Nokia introduced its first Dual SIM mobile phones back in 2010 – via Nokia C1 and C2. Now Nokia mobile dual SIM range has extended to Smartphone and touch screen dual SIM mobiles, most popular among them was C2-03. As Nokia is a trusted brand – people have started preferring to buy Nokia dual SIM mobiles on Chinese mobiles.

Last year, many Chinese mobile brands were banned in Pakistan due to security risks. Chinese mobiles had same IMEI number which made it difficult to trace the user. Terrorists were using Chinese mobiles to carry out their heinous crimes in the country, especially in Karachi. This has made Nokia mobile phones even more popular in Pakistan.


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