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What makes Nokia Mobiles Asha Range so popular?

I do not think that there is anyone in Pakistan who has never used Nokia mobile phone. We all have used Nokia mobiles or are using them even now.

Have you ever wondered why Nokia mobiles are so successful in Pakistan as compared to other mobile brands such as Sony Ericsson Phone, HTC, or BlackBerry handset? Well, the reason behind this is affordability as well as availability. Nokia mobiles are widely available in Pakistan – in urban as well as rural areas. However, high end mobile devices like HTC mobile, Blackberry handset and iPhone smartphones are mostly available in big cities.

Which mobile do people use in Villages and rural areas?

Mobile phone is no more a luxury, as it once used to be. People living in villages, rural areas and small cities also use mobile phones, albeit only a few rich landlords can afford expensive mobile phones.
Low income and middle class people prefer on buying used mobile phones of their favourite brands, or they buy new Chinese mobile or Nokia mobile. Nokia is considered as a durable mobile phone set. No matter how many times it fell down from your hand, it will still be working.

Nokia Asha mobile phones

Who says that smartphones are only meant for rich and elite? Now everyone can afford buying smart phone – thanks to Nokia Asha series. In October 2011, Nokia introduced Asha series – its middle-range smart phone devices. These mobile phones are not only eye-catching but provide all popular and widely used connectivity options to mobile users. From social networking to surfing the internet – Nokia Asha has made it all easy.
On 6th June 2012, Nokia released three S40 OS smart phones to the Asha range – Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306, and 311, in Pakistan. All these mobile devices come with full-touch screen. They look awesome and worth showing off.
Gone are the days when iPhone smart phone was considered to be the only full-touch mobile phone. Now Nokia Asha latest mobile phone sets has given every one the opportunity to flaunt their handset. Nokia Asha 305, 306 and Asha 311 – which were rolled out last year, gained billions of customers worldwide. These are quite identical mobile phones, except for Asha 311 which is a single-SIM mobile.

Why Nokia mobile is better than Chinese mobile sets?

A few years back Chinese mobile phones were getting immensely popular due to their numerous functionalities and low price. People in Karachi and other cities were mostly buying Chinese mobile phones because they are inexpensive as compared to popular brands like Motorola, BlackBerry handsets, Samsung mobiles and LG mobile due to the high rate of mobile snatching incidents.

Apart from this, Chinese mobiles offer Dual SIM and multi SIM support which made them very popular all over the country. People buy SIMs of different cellular network companies to avail their attractive offers. But not anymore, Nokia introduced its first Dual SIM mobile phones back in 2010 – via Nokia C1 and C2. Now Nokia mobile dual SIM range has extended to Smartphone and touch screen dual SIM mobiles, most popular among them was C2-03. As Nokia is a trusted brand – people have started preferring to buy Nokia dual SIM mobiles on Chinese mobiles.

Last year, many Chinese mobile brands were banned in Pakistan due to security risks. Chinese mobiles had same IMEI number which made it difficult to trace the user. Terrorists were using Chinese mobiles to carry out their heinous crimes in the country, especially in Karachi. This has made Nokia mobile phones even more popular in Pakistan.

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Do you enjoy watching Television shows?

Since the advent of Television, people have found a new past-time. Gone are the days when they used to sit idle with bored faces, thinking what to do. There are different types of programs being shown on TV, ranging from children programs, news, discussions, dramas, movies and religious programs. Every day we come to know about a new channel, there is so much that a TV bring to our home that there is no point of getting bored anymore!

TV is a mean of entertainment

After doing all her daily household chores, a housewife enjoys watching showbiz news, fashion shows and soaps on her TV. Children can kill their boredom, especially during long summer vacations, by watching their favourite cartoons and other programs like Art Attack, MAD, and FAQ etc. It is not easy for parents to take their children to parks and play lands everyday as they are busy. The law and order situation in the country also discourages many families from letting their children go to parks and play with their neighbours’ children in the street.

TV is a safe mode of recreation for these children, who are tired of doing their homework and learning their lessons. Some of the TV programs are informative; they teach children many things including those that they usually find boring when they read about them in their books. They learn making different crafts and new techniques of art with paper.
Do you have a patient in your house? If yes, than why not bring some comedy movies or tune in to a humorous program so that they can feel better. A patient confined on bed rest often think negative thoughts and feels depressed as they cannot do anything, while being on bed. Watching comedy and humorous programs on relives stress and depression.

People prefer Watching TV than reading a newspaper or magazine

Some conservative people do not like to have TV at their house they prefer to read books, newspapers and magazines, instead of watching TV. I wonder why these people like to read a paper that tells us what happened a day before. TV news are up to date, we get to know about the latest happening on the same day they occur. Is not it nice to watch a live Cricket match or listen to your favourite political leader addressing the public instead of reading briefly about them on newspapers the next day.
This is the reason why the people of the modern era prefer watching TV rather than holding large newspapers in their hands, finding any news that interests them.

How does LCD TV differ from LED TV and Plasma?

Gone are the days when we only hear ‘Television’ or ‘TV’, now there are words like LCD TV, LED TV and also Plasma TV. It is really confusing for many of us. Do you know the difference among these technologies? Let’s us explain all those who often get confused when they go to the market for purchasing Used and New LCD TV Flat Screen for Sell in Pakistan.

A ttraditional used LCD TV sets use compact florescent lamp (CFL) back-lighting while LED TV come with Light Emitting Diode bulbs. LED is thinner, lighter and uses less electricity, whereas, used LCD TV’s fluorescent lamp uses more electricity.

Which TV set is better, LCD or LED?

Do you still have that bulky CRT TV set at your home? If yes, then it is about time that you replace it with LED TV, LED TV, Plasma TV or the latest 3D TV, depending on your affordability. CRT TV are now relics of past as they come with old tech displays and are more harmful to eyes and general health as compared to the high-end technologies of the present age.
LED TV is considered better than the LCD TV sets due to sharper contrasts. The electricity is getting expensive and you cannot power LCD TV with UPS, during the ongoing power outages. Now you must be thinking that LED TV is expensive. Yes, you are right, but you can reduce your expenses by buying a Used TV. LCD TV does not last as longer than an LED TV, so if you want to buy a TV set which will function more than four or three years than go for a LED TV or Plasma TV.


Attend calls and enjoy your favourite music while on the go!

Do you feel irritated by loud horns honking, people yelling at each other or other kinds of noises that you want to avoid, when you go out at public places, say go for a walk, for instance?
Being at crowded places like bus stands, railway stations, air ports and markets often causes headaches. No one wants to listen to the music that we often hear at public places and transports.

How to avoid noise at public places?

Why should we listen to something we detest? The modern technology has provided us with a solution.
I get rid of the noises and silly songs by taking wireless headphone along with me wherever I go. It is fun listening to my favourite audios. I feel comfortable standing at long queues, waiting for my relatives at the airport and even when talking a walk in the park.
No doubt,
mobile accessories like wireless headphone, ear phone, Bluetooth device has changed our lives. They have provided us a way to avoid unwanted sounds and noises from entering into your ears.

What other benefits can we get from Mobile accessories?

  • Traveling charger:

Do you travel very often and have to attend and make a lot of calls? If yes, then why not use a travelling charger for your mobile phone. No matter where you are going you can keep the mobile’s juice full all the time.

  • Bluetooth headpiece:

Bluetooth headpiece, especially when having a Blackberry handset is a must. It gives one a smart and professional look as compared to those who use ear phones or headphones.

  • Data cable:

Having a data cable is must these days, you can transfer yore data and files from your computer device into your mobile phone. Mostly mobile phones come with a data cable, but sometimes used mobile phones, and old models of Samsung mobile phones, such as Samsung E 690 does not accompany a data cable. Customers have to buy a data cable for data transferring. Sometimes your data cable acts as a charger, when you plug it in the USB slot of your PC.

  • Ear phone:

Ear phone is very necessary. It enables you to attend calls and even listen to radio while driving, exercising or taking a walk.

  • Mobile cover:

Mobile phones often drop accidently and get damaged. We should protect our mobiles from getting disfigured or damaged when it falls accidently or keeping it safe from water spills and rain water by using a mobile cover. Mobile covers come in different types and materials. They not only look nice and fashionable but also prevent your mobile from damages.
Some mobile covers or pouches come with a pocket in which you can keep your data cable, ear phone, memory card or your cellular network’s SIM.

  • Screen protector:

Screen protectors are very useful. You can protect the touch screen of your expensive mobile phones by using a screen protector. If you have an iPhone Smartphone then buying a screen protector is must for you. No one likes to see damaged screen.

Is your mobile phone compatible with Mobile accessories?

Whenever you go out to buy a mobile phone make sure that the one you choose is compatible for mobile accessories. Some mobile phones do not support data cable, like low priced Nokia mobiles.
You cannot use data cable made for Samsung mobile with an iPhone or Nokia charger for charging your Sony Ericsson phone. Each charger has certain voltage and frequency which might not be suitable for your handset so always take your mobile charger with you. If you drive most of the time then using a car charger compatible with your mobile device is essential.

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