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A Single gadget that can do the work of all the rest

Whenever we step out of our dwelling we have to take so many gadgets with us, such as calculator, camera, music players, gaming devices, laptop, internet devices, mobile phone and many other things. Sometimes it is not easy to take so many things and their chargers or accessories, with us, especially when one travelling and when there is no place to charge our cameras, laptop and gaming devices etc. But now I have a solution for all these problems. Would you like to know what I do?

I only keep one gadget with me that serve the purpose of all the other gadgets that I need. I don’t take a separate calculator, jotter, ‘Things to do’ notepad, phone book, pocket calendar, camera, pocket internet device or dongle, laptop and other things. What I take with me is just a mobile phone and a charger. However, if I am going somewhere by my car then I don’t even take the charger. I use a car charger for my mobile phone to keep it full of juice. It saves me from getting late as I do not have to run around the house finding my things and making sure that I have not forgot anything before leaving my place.

There is no need to buy a camera!

One is likely to forget taking extra memory cards, charger along with the camera when going out. For instance, last year I went on three months vacations. Unfortunately, I forgot taking the charger along with me. I only managed to take a few snaps and shoot just an hour video that the battery became low and I could not locate any shop from where I could purchase another charger for my Nikon camera.

On my return, I sold my camera and used mobile and bought a used iPhone Smartphone! The iPhone was not that expensive and since it was previously used, it had many of my favourite songs and mobile apps. Isn’t it a nice idea of saving money?

What about Professional photography?

Mobile phones like iPhone Smartphone and BlackBerry handsets are equipped with nice cameras that provide excellent photography functions and results. So there is no need to have a separate camera when we can take photos and capture videos by using a Smartphone. Now you must be wondering that professional cameras sensor is more powerful than that of mobile phones. Not any more, as PureView a latest Nokia Mobile features a 41 mega-pixel camera. Yes, the PureView mobile phone’s camera is a lot powerful, far better than many professional cameras available in the market.

Mobile phones can be your internet device:

We do not need a separate internet device when we can use the internet on our mobile phone. It is easy to take photos and upload them on Facebook via mobile phone, instead of taking photos and then transferring them to laptop pr desktop PCs through a data cable and then upload them on the social networking websites.

Watch TV on your mobile:

Do you often miss your favourite TV shows when you are on the go? I used to refuse to accompany my family when they used to go out as I didn’t want to miss my TV shows. But now I can watch TV on my mobile so I have no problem is going along with them. I watch the shows while travelling on the road and also on the train.

Can your Laptop fit your pocket? My mobile phone does!

My smart phone has all that a computer has to offer. I do not use a laptop as it not easy to carry it everywhere I go. My mobile phone fits my pocket and I take it wherever I am. I can read and reply my emails, view my files, browse the internet and do everything that people do on a laptop.

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How to select the best computer accessories for your home?

The computer accessories are as much important as the computer itself. A user can work efficiently in the presence of computer accessories. Some of the computer accessories are essential to operate the computer properly, while some are luxurious which gives supplement to entertainment. The computer accessories are readily available in the markets in different brands and quality. It is necessary to know about them before you go to a computer shop.

Everyone has different needs for their computer – whether they are using the computer accessories for entertainment purposes or to make their tasks easy at their offices. You can find external speakers for enhancing the sound quality of your laptop or buy headphones with microphones for your desktop PC. Some people buy a separate mouse for their laptop, as they feel uncomfortable without it.

Check for Compatibility:

The major issue is how to select the best computer accessories for your computer. First of all, the users solve the compatibility issues of their computers. The compatibility is one of the main factors that affect your choice of selecting computer accessories. There are various brands that guarantee the compatibility of their product with your computer systems but mostly you come to know about the incompatibility when you actually buy the computer accessories and pug to your device. The accessories for a desktop PC differ from that designed for a laptop and vice versa, so one should be careful to buy the accessory that is made for their computer, for instance if you have a laptop you should buy the accessories meant for it instead of buying which is made for a tablet PC or a desktop workstation.

Computer Accessories for desktop

The desktop computers are very common in offices and at home because of its inexpensive spare parts and accessories. The Computer Accessories for a desktop computer are readily available in the market with different brands and quality. To select the best computer accessories one must carry a general survey of the market and then buy the appropriate computer accessories.
As the desktop computers are placed at a specific place and no one use to move computer frequently that’s why accessories with low portability can also be bought to minimize the price of a device. Attaching a portable and expensive device for your desktop will give you no benefit as it will lie down in the same place. So buying computer accessories like woofers and high base speakers, wireless keyboard and mouse, external or internal TV cards and screen protectors may add value to your desktop computers.

Must have computer accessories for a laptop

The laptops has become a need of most professionals who want to get access to their personal computer around the clock whether they are at home, office, or on their family or business tours. Portable computer accessories are must for people like them so that they can take their laptops anywhere along with the accessories.
The essential accessories for laptop are wireless mouse as the built-in mouse in laptop is very difficult to use, cooling pads as the laptop kept of a hard surface needs to remain cool where it enters a suffocated environment. Micro USB hub is also one of the important computer accessories for laptop as there are few USB ports to connect more accessories with a laptop.
A small TV device is also useful as it enables one to enjoy watching their favourite TV shows on their laptop, without the need of without connecting additional wires. Besides these, there are many decoration items that can easily be connected to laptop through a USB port to enhance the beauty of your table, while you work on your laptop.

Which computer accessories are must for tablet PC users?

Tablet PCs are the modern personal computers which gives more portability to a user than a laptop. It is easier to carry a tablet device from one place to another as compared with a laptop. A laptop requires a hand bag to carry it, whereas a tablet PC can be carried in one’s hands easily. Although, the tablet PCs are usually equipped with many essential computer accessories, still there are some computer accessories which are necessary to buy. These computer accessories includes, a case or cover for the tablet device to protect it, external key-board as the tablet is all touch system screen which sometimes make it difficult for a beginner to use its key features and HDMI Cable that allow users to view their photos, videos/movies and presentation on a big screen.


Things to consider when buying a Laptop

Several brands of laptops are available in the market manufactured for the ease of consumer in their work and opening more ways for the entertainment industry. However comparing the various brands of laptops is difficult as every manufacturing company is putting its extreme effort to add more and more features to bring their branded the top priority. They have their pros and cons but the attraction makes you buy the brand that seems more appropriate to your needs. Some of the famous brands are Dell laptop, Compaq, Acer and HP laptops.

The reason that why people prefer Dell laptops over other brands is that Dell neither sell its products to retailers nor involve an intermediary between Dell and its consumers where Hp provides the laptops to your nearest computer shops where you can buy it at slightly high price than original. Both the brands are striving hard to cater the maximum needs of professional as well non-professional users. If you are confused about choosing the best laptop then read below some distinctive aspects of HP and Dell Laptops that will help you in buying a laptop.

How about buying a laptop with eye-catchy looks?

Laptops are designed in a way to attract the maximum number of people. Most of the laptops come in very sober design and pattern to be used to corporate levels. They are made in a view to be used by the upper level management as they give a mature look. In this area HP laptops lead the market by catering the needs of business community. The selection of laptop according to its shape and pattern can be decided by the personal interests of the user. If you a serious employee and wants to hold a laptop that add values to your personality then you should go with HP while Dell Laptop has also some designs that suit the needs of corporate people. It also covers designs of general interests. The teenagers can go with the funky stylish designs of Dell laptop. They also vary in features the latest laptop is equipped with latest technology to benefit the user.


The hardware and software compatibility is one of the biggest issues selecting from used laptops. One must ensure the proper hardware specification of laptop before finalizing its purchase. For example, some used laptops are equipped with high voltage processors while some of them with low voltage but the feedback represents that the slight modification in process voltage do not affect the work as the standard voltage is enough to carry on your work for the whole day. There is slight difference in Dell and HP laptops with its performance but on average one can ignore it, as they are quite similar as far as performance is concerned.

Battery time

The battery backup time and battery life is also a crucial factor you should consider. Check if a laptop gives you good electricity back-up when you have to complete an important task while travelling. One of the most important criteria is to compare the price of both brands. It depends on you either you weight the quality more, the money or both.

The price comparison

The price structure and allocated funds are the key factors to prefer one brand over another. Dell has made it easier by offering quality products at comparable cheap process. Most of the potential buyers do not really know the reason behind cheap price of Dell products. The fact is that the Dell Company sells its branded dell laptops at its own retail outlets. It makes the laptop cheaper as the price do not include any profit share of mediator. While the HP sell its products by involving third party in the transaction that why HP laptops are high in prices as compared to dell laptops. The funds you have available to buy the laptop have a great impact on the decision to which the brand of your choice.

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