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What Everybody Ought to Know about Sony Ericsson phone?

Do you own a Sony Ericsson mobile phone? If your answer is yes, then you are among the lucky people who have the mobile phone that the future generation might not have. Yes, it true now there would not be any ‘Sony-Ericsson phone’.

Sony Ericsson becomes Sony Mobile Communications:

My friend told me that she is going to buy latest Sony Ericsson phone after selling her used mobile phone. To my sheer astonishment, she told me that she do not know the name of the latest mobile but will ask the shop keeper to give her the newly released Sony Ericsson phone. I told her that the one she has is already the last Sony Ericsson phone and she would not get any mobile phone with Sony Ericsson brand name.
Yes, Sony Ericsson is now ‘Sony Mobile Communications’ and now all mobile phones will have Sony brand name instead of Sony Ericsson.

How did it all begin?

Ericsson is one of the largest telecommunication companies of Sweden. The Sony Ericsson – a joint venture of Ericsson and Japanese giant Sony, was founded on October 1, 2001. The company had a dominant position in the mobile phone market for decades and became word’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer. Until, it had to face losses due its inability to produce low priced mobile phones such as Nokia mobiles and the rapidly growing Chinese mobiles. The dominance of iPhone Smartphone, BlackBerry handset, HTC phones and Samsung mobiles in the Smartphone market also had a negative effect on Sony Ericsson phones. Consequently, Ericsson offered to sell its 50% share to Sony. Sony acquired Ericsson’s share in the Sony Ericsson phone venture on February 16, 2012.

Best Selling Sony Ericsson phones:

In the year 2002, Sony Ericsson’s first colored screen mobile phone Sony Ericsson T68i took the mobile phone market by storm. Sony Ericsson gained its popularity among the multi0media users. The company released mobile phones with high quality digital cameras. It also introduced the ‘Walkman series’ that caters the needs of music aficionados. In 2007 Sony Ericsson released its first 5-Megapixel camera phone namely Sony Ericsson K850i and then in 2008 it amazed the mobile industry with the world’s first eight mega pixel camera phone – the Sony Ericsson C905.
After the fame of iPhone and Nokia feature phones, the company released Xperia Play – first PlayStation certified Smartphone to gain a strong position in the market but it was too costly.
After Sony’s acquisition of Ericsson’s stakes, Sony Xperia S became the first Smartphone under Sony’s brand name Sony Mobile Communications and was released early this month.

How can you buy a mobile with Sony Ericsson logo on it?

Do you want to buy a genuine mobile phone set with Sony Ericsson logo on it? If yes then go to your nearest mobile store and grab your favourite Used Sony Ericsson mobile phone. The used mobiles are not only cheaper in price but also offer what you might not get in the upcoming high priced smartphones.
So why waste money in buying a latest model of Sony Mobile when you can get all that you need in a high quality Used Mobile phone with Sony Ericsson logo?

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Will QMobile beat Nokia mobiles and Samsung mobiles in Pakistan?

Whenever we visit mobile stores we find huge posters and advertisements of QMobile phones hanging on the walls and doors. There are only a few big mobile shops that sell high-end smartphones like HTC, iPhone smartphones and BlackBerry handsets. Majority of them deal in Nokia mobiles, Samsung mobiles, Chinese mobiles and QMobiles. Trend and Club mobiles were also popular among the people but now QMobiles has taken their place. QMobiles is not only competing successfully against Chinese handsets but also Samsung mobile and Nokia mobiles.

Trendy and Stylish:

QMobiles has offering Pakistanis a large variety of stylish and trendy mobile phones in the country. In 2010, QMobiles gained tremendous success and fame for its eye-catchy mobiles like QMobile Q55 She phone – an exclusive mobile set targeted at ladies. This slider mobile phone sports a compact design with QWERTY keypad and comes embellished with Swarovski zircon on it.

Variety of Features:

Q Mobile’s many products are taking the market by storm because of their amazing features, like touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, camera, pre-loaded mobile applications for social networking enthusiasts, music and video players and much more that we usually find in expensive mobile brands such as Samsung Mobiles, Nokia mobiles and smartphones.

Latest QMobiles handsets:

QMobiles’ latest mobile phones include QMobile E950, E900, etc. The QMobile E900 Soap comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. It features 2.8 TFT Full Touch Screen and supports dual Sim with dual standby. This mobile is equipped with 2.0 mp camera and FM radio with recording feature. It is pre-loaded with several mobile applications such Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Opera and Google internet browsers. This phone supports Mp3/Mp4 HD quality audio, EDGE/GPRS, Bluetooth and 3.5 mm Audio Jack connectivity. QMobile E950 comes along with a free 4 GB Memory Card at an affordable price of Rs. 6400. All QMobile handsets come with one year Digicom Warranty.

QMobile Android Smartphones:

Earlier this year, Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar – CEO QMobiles announced that the company will soon reveal a line-up of Android OS smartphones in the market to cater the demands of the customers who want affordable yet advanced and good quality smartphones, especially when 3G technology is also around the corner.


We live in a country where inflation is skyrocketing and unemployment is also spreading like fire. Everyone can not afford buying expensive mobile phones. For the society like ours QMobiles has brought a nice alternative for the youth who demand mobile phones with plenty of features, as QMobiles are not only attractive, stylish, and loaded with numerous features but they are also low at price as compared to mobile phones of other brands that offer similar features. Instead of spending so much money on a Nokia mobile or Samsung mobile, you can get the similar functions on QMobile at a reasonable price that you can easily afford. The quality and affordability of QMobiles is the main reason behind the tremendous successful QMobiles in the country. The company is has a large array of affordable touch screen, QWERTY and Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones in the market. For instance, QMobile E786 Storm is a dual SIM mobile phone which is available for just Rs.1950 and includes features such as: camera, wireless radio, mp 3 player, torch, and mini USB port. This low priced mobile comes with a travel charger, Stereo MP3 Earphone and a data cable. No doubt all these features are unmatchable to low priced Dual SIM Nokia Mobiles that cost more than it offers. We cannot enjoy listening to FM radio without plugging in the earphones. So what are you waiting for go to your nearest mobile store are get your hands on your favourite QMobiles phones that suits your wallet and style! I am sure you are going to be in love with what QMobiles offers its customers.


Are you a novice photographer, looking for a camera?

Are you going to start photography? Do you like capturing all your happy moments with a camera, especially when you go on a trip or attend an event? Perhaps you will also like to share the photographs with your near and dear ones on the social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Orkut and MySpace etc. Do you get confused when you go to the market for buying a perfect camera that fits your need? If this is the case, then you have landed on the right web-page!
Here we will tell you about all the cameras that a novice, an amateur or a professional photographer can buy to get started with photography.

Capture your happy moments
Do you remember the old times when you had a camera which only took still photographs and was not capable of shooting videos? Are you still using one of these cameras? If yes then it’s a time to change, as the still and disposable cameras are relics of the past. The latest cameras come with bath video and still photography function.
You can capture all the happy moments and share them with your family and friends if you have a good camera with you whenever you go on a trio or attend any interesting event. For a beginner, Nikon D3100 is a perfect choice. This Nikon camera is an upgraded version of Nikon D3000. It comes with a good CMOS sensor. The Nikon D3100 digital SLR camera is an easy-to-use device having 14.2-megapixel and many other great features.
There is a misconception that good digital cameras are expensive. Novice does not usually buy the newly released model of cameras. They save money by getting a used camera or buy brands such as Genx and Canon.

Suitable cameras for novice professional photographers
You can start earning money by starting photography as a profession. To begin with this, you can get choose for any of the following Nikon cameras:
• Nikon J1 and V1 are two latest Nikon cameras which come with Interchangeable Lens. Nikon J1 is a 12-megapixel camera while Nikon V1 is 10.1. These cameras are ideal for capturing photographs.
• Nikon Coolpix AW100 Camera is a shockproof and water proof camera which is idea for under-water photography. It features NAVTEQ and GPS Support
• Nikon D300S is also a great camera for professionals, albeit it is an old model of Nikon camera but it offer best results and can easily be purchased for a store that sells used cameras at a budget-friendly price.

Do you want a 41 mega pixel camera?
Do you find it hard to carry numerous gadgets and devices when you go out? If yes then how about buying a mobile phone which has an in-built camera with powerful sensor? In my view, Nokia 808 PureView is a nice replacement to professional camera. It is equipped with Carl Zeiss Optics lens with 8.02mm focal length. The best thing about this camera is that it features 41 mega-pixel sensors with pixel oversampling. Nokia 808 PureView provides full zoom capability at a shooting distance of 15cm and provides excellent great magnification of small objects with full zoom. You can take poster size photos with this mobile phone. Unlike professional cameras, Nokia PureView easily fits in one’s pocket and can be taken everywhere. Nokia PureView is equipped with Nokia Rich Recording which offers stereo audio recording around 140-145 db, which is 4 times louder than ca conventional mic can record. Are you impressed by Nokia PureView and cannot wait to get your hands on it? Unfortunately, Nokia has not released this mobile phone yet and you will have to wait for some months.


The best gift you can give to Teenagers

Now days having a mobile phone have become more of a necessity for everyone than a luxury. Mobile phone is not only a tool for staying connected to your family and friends all the time but also serve the purpose of numerous devices and gadgets. Mobile phones have many functions,: they come with camera, radio, calendar, calculator, stop watch, reminders and things to do, and so on. You do not have to carry a separate calendar, camera, audio and video player, voice recorder, calculator and all other gadgets that you need, when you have a mobile phone with all these features.

Why Give Mobile phone to a teenager:

It is neither possible to keep a check on your teenager all the time nor is it proper to make them accompany you everywhere as you have been during their school going years. It is better to provide them a mobile phone so that you can stay in touch with them. Mobile phones will not only help the teenager to connect with you but also help them in staying in touch with their fellows and teachers and this way they can easily discuss their assignments. They can call you if they have to stay late at their college for a lecture or if in case they are free and want you to pick them early.

Making the right choice:

The mobile phone market is growing so rapidly that it is hard for parents to select a suitable mobile phone for their teenager. Some parents do not know about different mobile phone models and they simply buy the mobile that their child has asked them or the one that the mobile store owner is desperate to sells them. According to a recent survey, Grownups hardly use all the functions of their mobile phone set. They mostly use it for making and receiving calls and reading and sending text messages. Whereas, the youngsters use all the features of their mobile phones; Calendar, camera, games, alarms, SMS, radio, internet, you name it! In order to prevent yourself from getting duped by the hands of a mobile seller or giving your child a mobile which is not suitable for his age, it is recommenced to know about mobile phones yourself.

For a 13 year old an entry-level Nokia mobile phone will be perfect as it is simple to use and does not have too many multimedia features that can distract the child from studies. Q Mobile and Samsung mobiles are also a good choice for college students, as these mobile phones come with different functionalities that you find in other expensive brands such as HTC mobiles. Never give a smart phone to teenagers – they are too young to own one!

Used iPhone – a perfect gift for a teenager:

Do you want to gift a mobile phone to your 18 year old child for showing an excellent result in their exams? If yes, then how about gifting a used iPhone. It will cost less on your wallet and will also please your child. iPhone is a most loved touch screen Smartphone which has so much to offer. It has a powerful camera, you can connect internet and share your photographs with your family and friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace etc. It has so many applications which help in performing various tasks. Teenagers can enjoy their leisure time by playing games and using informative applications on their iPhone. This mobile phone has helped many youngsters at their home work. Gone are the days when a student has to carry large dictionaries, encyclopedias and visit libraries for doing research for their assignments, Now they can use download applications like dictionary, thesaurus, translator and encyclopedia, etc that can assist them in their studies.

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